I purchased www.NAAWP.INTERNATIONAL for the purpose of educating my fellow race-members to stop our apparent upcoming extinction.

This is not about White v. Black or Brown or Yellow.

This is about YHWH's Creation; Adam-kind, being deluted from a 'white' creation to a 'brown' world of sorts which is wherein The Adversary has succeeded in destroying The Creator's creation 'in His Image".

Remember, Noach was "pure in his generations" . . . .

If Adam-kind is no longer a pure strain, The Adversary has succeeded.


White Genocide

Genocide of the White race. Something to be aware of, and to understand that this genocide is in progress, right now. Multiculturalism is a concept that promotes genocide, and the White leaders of the United States are continuing to promote this destructive ideology. You can look at neighborhoods that have been intruded into and begin to see the ultimate effect of this migration and intrusion.


The Solution is to understand just who and what we are - and to understand that if we are to survive as a race, we need to understand where we, the United States of America, came from. This includes England and most of Europe, Scandinavian countries, and other nations that were created by Whites -- for Whites.

"We the People", but, Who are "We"?

For those that would rather listen than read: www.outpost-of-freedom.com/radio/Discourse/wtp.php

I will not have any "hate", in the vulgar or common form. Hate may only be expressed as we understand the word hate in it's Scriptural application, i.e. "Jacob I loved. Essau I hated." In otherwords, to hate the sin and to deal with the sinner. I will not give any legitimacy to our detractors who seek to align this work with the Arian Nation or the KKK people as the media has now inculcated the sheeple to think. Sooner or later this work will receive national attention. Any objection thrown against this web site will be replied with : "Take it up with The Author and Finisher of Life, YaHuWaH".

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
An American, without apology


The Endgame Full White Genocide: If you are a WHITE PERSON, you should watch these videos in the links below. If you are non-white, you should watch the videos too. Be sure to bookmark these links because you will see and hear more of this white genocide happening in the near future. Just watch the 3rd video of the white genocide happening in South Africa (SA). I knew this would happen to SA since 1994 when Apartheid ended and the genocide of the White Africa would soon come and it did.

Make your own conclusions on this issue of White Genocide because the videos explains it better than I can.

WHITE GENOCIDE (Full Documentary)

The Endgame A White Genocide Documentary

White Genocide in Motion

White Genocide in South Africa